Capsize – done

Well, all done except now I have to render it!

Once I got past that bird emblem it seemed easy.

Romulan Capsize  cruiser
Romulan Capsize  cruiser


~ by cp40guy on November 8, 2011.

7 Responses to “Capsize – done”

  1. I like the blue bussards better. However, the ones that are on there look good and the model as a whole looks great. Congrats on finishing another one. 🙂

  2. Looks very good!
    Can I suggest to place two impulse engines behind the “saucer”, at the point where it join the wings? At her back can be other option. 😉

    • I considered that but it is not in the original design. I recessed the forward saucer to set in ‘something’. Also, the tail has room but when you look at the TOS BOP you see no engines. If Masao says ‘make it so’ it will be done :D.


  3. Time to de-lurk. Not sure what it is about it, but this design and your execution of it really appeals. Excellent work, sir!

    • Welcome and thank you. The thing about Masao designs, in my opinion, is they look great if you just make ’em they way he draws them. But they also lend themselves to ‘tinkering’. I tweak and tinker them over and over. xfozzboute is another SFM builder and he really goes to town on these ships.

  4. Jeez, Thomas, you’re making me feel old.

    I always tried to design my ships in the spirit of the original Enterprise, meaning that I’ve tried to combine deceptively (or obviously) simple shapes in pleasing ways. I’ve tried to avoid any present day trends in ship design (such as ornate surface detailing or shapes) so that the designs might have a longer life than disposable SF movie designs. That Thomas and a few other artists continue to model my designs tells me I somehow must have done something right.

    Thanks, Thomas!

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