Capsize – texture time

Finally a Friday edition.

Working to finish my Romulan Capsize (see Masao’s ship at SFM). I have been putting this project off mostly due to a request to add the warbird decal. The challenge I have is I have an old decal but it is too small for large scale (2K – 4K) textures I make now. It is also the wrong shape for this ship. I tried drawing it in photo shop but it looks like a bad tracing. So, as I have done on other ships, I decided to make my own version.

My theory – the decal is used to define units or whatever Romulans call units.

Here I have used an old Thunderbird hood emblem as my inspiration. I like it. So there :)! I also used Bernd’s Romulan emblem with a minor tweak.

Romulan Capsize class
Romulan Capsize class


~ by cp40guy on November 4, 2011.

3 Responses to “Capsize – texture time”

  1. Interesting. It looks… very 1930’s. I think I like it!

  2. Good lord, that’s a very green background.

    Having said that, the model looks good.

  3. That looks great. Gives me a few ideas for when I get around to building the Romulan ships.

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