Honor Harrington – Dreadnaught

Tangent alert!

Found a scale error on my cruiser missile tubes (both Apollo and Courageous) and had to adjust. Not too bad a task. They were a tad too large. While doing this I decided to look at my placeholder for a dreadnaught and found both the overall size and tube errors existed there as well. So, I laid out the basic hull completely to make sure all the main elements where fixed.

This gave me a 50% complete ship!

Needs detail work as well as some serious smoothing fixes.

Love this class, it is bad ass big and lethal! All the small tubes are counter missiles and, of the larger tubes, 34 are ship killers. The balance (40) are GRASER and LASER mounts. These are all in the 350cm to 450cm class. I just got to the last 1/4th of ‘The Short Victorious War’ and it is at the battle of Hancock Station. Just got me all excited to put one together.

I stacked in missile packs to see how it would fit and each main tube can accommodate 60 missiles. That is a total load of 4080. Still has plenty of room inside for EW platforms, berths, and sundry stuff that as ship would have.

Honor Harrington Dreadnaught
Honor Harrington Dreadnaught


~ by cp40guy on October 25, 2011.

4 Responses to “Honor Harrington – Dreadnaught”

  1. Nice work. 🙂

    So, are the holes in the side weapons batteries or what? I thought maybe they were windows, but I may be in error there.

  2. And then, of course, there is a Super Dreadnaught.

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