Bussard experiment – lots O images

UPDATED!! (Torsk image)
I got to thinking, a bit more, about making a better Bussard collector. I have seen many versions on the web and everyone is different. Most have no relation to the original series (modeled) version but most have a common distinction – they are better than what I do.

I spent my entire bus napping period yesterday, on the way home from work, giving this serious thought. I fooled around in Photo Shop and came up with some textures and masks. Using these I came up with what you see below. I like most of these combinations and I can mix and match textures to do about anything. The downside, taking a bit of advice from you all, is I still need the raytraced outer dome for a transparent look. It pulls in reflections as well as providing post effect support (early MAX issue with transparent objects). It does slow down rendering a bit.

Here is what I came up with:

I then mixed and matched to get this:

And, based on a comment today (thanks Chris), texture based blur version:

Then I applied it to the ship: (This is updated to much bigger version from original post)

I think I can move on now 🙂


~ by cp40guy on September 14, 2011.

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