Torsk – pt2

My big stall here has been to try and come up with a better Bussard assembly. I have spent the last couple of days on various and over detailed attempts. They take for ever to render and lose value when you are not zoomed in on them.

Here are two versions, the bottom one my likely final, applied to the Torsk. I was rendering with motion blur on both and got zip. Was working but now it is not. Have to go back and look at the settings. The ‘paddles’ also have a version where the center sections of each blade can be transparent and ‘glowing’. I might try that to but I think it looks poor when motion blur works :)!

Simple blades on single dome

Refined blades on multiple domes (transparent)


~ by cp40guy on September 13, 2011.

6 Responses to “Torsk – pt2”

  1. I’m sorry to say I don’t see a huge difference. (I know, for shame!) I actually like the simpler one because it’s got more orange. It just adds a better contrast to the rest of the ship.

  2. Ah yes. Bussards the bane of my existance. They look good to, better than any I’ve ever done.

  3. If the blades are where you’re having the problem with the motion blur, you can always create a sphere and texture it with your metallic material with a motion blurred alpha transparency map. Those can be made pretty easily in either Photoshop or Gimp. Then they’ll look motion blurred without actually using Max’s motion blur.

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