An Apollo update – Honor Harrington Universe

Small update in the Honor Harrington universe.

I started cleaning up the Apollo class cruiser (my interpretation) and started with the textures. I am experimenting on using just bump and blend masks with a basic underlying procedural texture. I have seen this done before and thought it would be fun. It allows me to create large detail maps but keep them very small in size (in photo shop). I can work with 4K (and larger) files but output at less than 200kb when saved. Will make my life easy (hopefully).

This probably only will work for this model. We will see.

These sample shots are with just the masks on the main thrusters and the back half of the ‘hammer’ section.

Makes UV mapping real easy too.

I also needed a short break from my Trek backlog.


~ by cp40guy on August 31, 2011.

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