Atolm inspired Chronicles ship

So, actually, this is more about having had to build a rendering box than the model itself. I just cannot find time to get anything done lately. Work and home life are busy. I have projects queued up but no way to finish them. So, I built up a rendering box from a ‘decent’ laptop I have laying around. I used the the handy-dandy MAX PLU to transfer my license to the new machine.

After making sure all my very old and hard to find add on utilities and plugins were loaded I too it for a spin.

The model is a Atolm take on the classic Mann class from ‘Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology’. Atolm recently did a series of cool Romulan and Klingon perspective view ships and had thrown in the Mann. I once did this ship more like the book version. I liked Atolm’s design and took a whack at it. So importing it from Wings required a lot of smoothing fixes and axis alignments. Did not take to long so happy-happy. I did a pseudo clay render (using the e-light script) and it ran in decent time.

So, I throw this one back into the ‘ghost’ fleet for a future time.


~ by cp40guy on August 16, 2011.

4 Responses to “Atolm inspired Chronicles ship”

  1. That looks cool I really need to spend some time with Lightwave again. Finish my TOS bridge and the Yeager Class. Good work Tom.


  2. It’s kind of fugly, actually. It’s not your modeling, that’s top notch as always, it’s the ship itself, I’m just not a fan of the design. Great modeling, though.

    Also, congrats on the new rendering machine. 🙂

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