I just used up part of my 15 minutes

While not at all in the realm of Mr. Eaves, Mr. Drexler, or any of their cohorts; I just carved out a small slice of (soon to be forgotten) fame.

I got myself published (sort of 🙂 )!

I was approached by Marco Palmieri and was asked if I could contribute to a piece in the June addition of Star Trek magazine. I provided a rendering of the Pyotr Velikiy class, designed by Masao Okazaki, for the end piece article (Marco Palmieri’s Vanguard Declassified). Marco has two articles in the issue, the second is on the Vanguard series itself detailing the visual style developed by Masao (nice pic man) and Doug Drexler.

I was asked to ‘contribute’ (appears to be a code word for no money) but I am (still) awaiting my comped issue :).

I just got back from the local B&N where I scanned through it. Some nice looking stuff on Matt Jefferies and Franz Joseph.

June Star Trek Magazine
See info on the June issue

This is actually my third time getting in something published. The first was a personal computer how to book with a fairly decent 3D rendering of a disk drive. It had all it’s various components in a fly out perspective view. The book and the image are long forgotten. Did not get paid for that either, the company I worked for gave it to the publisher for the publicity. The second (also, oddly, free of charge) was a Thesis on the physics of faster than light travel. I did another Masao ship, the Valley Forge, traveling at warp speed. I got a copy of the final document – it was all in German.

I think I have like 5 minutes left.

~ by cp40guy on July 15, 2011.

6 Responses to “I just used up part of my 15 minutes”

  1. That’s cool to be a part of the magazine. Didn’t even know that one was still being published.

  2. I see it mostly in B&N, though I think a grocery store or two might still carry it.

    Congrats, bro, that’s cool. 8)

  3. I didn’t receive my comp either. I had heard other people had received theirs, so I emailed Marco about it. You should too.

    Congrats on entering the world of Trek Fame! (small as it is). I don’t think there’s a clock on it.

  4. […] en “Vanguard: Declassified”, pertenece a los diseños de Masao Okazaki, pero la imagen es deThomas Pemberton; a quien se le pidió que contribuyera con una imagen que ya existía, pero en su lugar creó una […]

  5. Thomas!
    I finally got my comp. Did you get yours yet?

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