While cleaning up

I know better.

A few years back I had a lapse and did some not so bright things with my backup process. Long story short – lost a bunch of stuff. I have been fixing recently via recreations and ‘restoration’. I just did an inventory, for a project, of what I have and in what shape. In fixing the texture issue on the Hyperion (previous post) I opened Photo Shop and took a swing at a ‘restoration’ – one that could be quick.

My Torsk (Star Fleet Museum) model had all it’s textures lost. So I took the opportunity to tweak the mesh and then re-dress her. So – after about 3 hours I am here:

Star Fleet Museum - Torsk

1280 x 960 view - click

Now – to bed and then driving to Portland to see my Pop.


~ by cp40guy on June 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “While cleaning up”

  1. Looks good, bro. When did you make that mesh? It’s been a few years, hasn’t it? It’s amazing what a new set of textures will do for an already great mesh. 🙂

    And, don’t feel bad, I’ve had backup (or lack thereof) issues in the past, due once to my own stupidity in not doing a backup and the second time was due to corrupt CDs (which is why I no longer use CDs.) It sucks but you kind of dust yourself off and get back to work on stuff. 😉

    • The mesh is about 4 maybe 5 years old. The old textures were not bad but lost. I did tweak the pylons and laser mounts on this version though.

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