EAS – Kremlin update

When I get stuck (or bored) with one project I usually bounce back to one of my many unfinished ones. So the Anderman cruiser gets my A.D.D. / boredom award this week. I jumped over to the Kremlin class and decided to use it to try some larger texture treatments. This ship will have 3K (average) textures. All I have so far, however, is the saucer top. I think I am close to being done with this texture except for the specular map. I have decided to wait on specular maps as I never get two the same (no idea why) for a model. Maybe doing them all at once will solve the problem :).

Any who –

Update (always click for the larger version)

Star Trek cruiser

Star Trek cruiser

~ by cp40guy on March 23, 2011.

One Response to “EAS – Kremlin update”

  1. That’s better than what I do. I usually wind up playing games when I get bored with a project. 😉

    Looking good, dude. I really like the subtle panel lines and whatnot. 🙂

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