Time to texture…

Small update on my Anderman Empire cruiser (from the Honor Harrington stories). I have started to play with the texture and the attached images show the basic color and some of the panel lines I have applied. These lines are really a concession to those who have become accustom to panels and such seen on sci-fi space ships. Reading the books you would get a sense that the hulls are fairly smooth and featureless (aside from weapon hatches, sensors and such).

I have also studied large ship images, cruise ships, aircraft carriers and subs for example, and you really don’t see big seams or panels on modern ships. But it adds to the coolness factor.

So, with that said, here are two minor updates with the texture direction coming into play.

Honor Harrington ship

Honor Harrington ship


~ by cp40guy on March 15, 2011.

One Response to “Time to texture…”

  1. Yeah, but you know how people expect things these days. “Smooth and featureless” doesn’t do it for anybody, unfortunately. So, we have to panel everything. 😉

    Nice texture work as usual, bro, even if the panels weren’t your first choice. 🙂

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