Stretch Museum

So, the museum mesh is done (barring any change requests). In a previous comment by Masao, the designer, it is possible that the complex may be to small. So here is the finished mesh with an ‘extension’ to stretch it out along the Y-axis. I then added an additional docking ring.

Extended station:

Extended Star Fleet Museum

Click for 1024x700

As said, it is done so here is the original version.

Star Fleet Museum

Click for 1024x700

Update – Added ship for scale:

Star Fleet Museum

With Lancaster class


~ by cp40guy on February 13, 2011.

9 Responses to “Stretch Museum”

  1. Thanks for the change, Thomas. I think the stretched station looks good.

    Also, we might be able to fit in more ships if some or all are docked nose first.

  2. I think it looks good either way. But yeah docking nose first would work much better.

  3. Thanks both. Yeah, nose first makes sense. Some ships, over the years, have adopted (by artistic license to be sure) side docking ports. The original Constitution class does not have one and would have to have been adapted for the museum. I guess the same goes for other ships. Will have to start playing around with it.

  4. The reason I’ve been concerned about the size of the museum is this image, sent to me by a museum visitor, that I’ve recently re-discovered on my computer.

    If the sizes are accurate, then the museum is way too small.

    By the way, I’ve always like this picture:

  5. On second thought, it’s probably not too small for its orginal intended purpose. I suppose it was built in the late 2160s as the HQ of the new Starfleet. The fleet used ships that were much smaller than the Bison-based ships of the Earth-Romulan War. Ships such as Daedalus, Wasp, Moskva, Gargarin, and Paris could easily fit into the internal dock. Ships entering service in the early 23rd century, such as Lancaster, Swordfish, and Quetzalcoatl, were too large and helped lead to the station being replaced with a larger station in 2218 or so. So, the station is the “proper” size for when it served as Starfleet HQ, but is too small to house all the ships. I guess there will have to be some sort of “auxiliary annex” to corral the ships that won’t fit.

  6. That’s some awesome work, Thomas. My only nit is that perhaps the middle “extension” could do with a bit of detailing. Nothing big, maybe just some windows like the other middle sections have. However, even without them, it’s still a great mesh. 🙂

    • Thanks. Yes, you are correct, it needs detail. I think Masao is still working out whether he wants the extension or not. I would tweak it if he decides to go with it.

  7. Let’s go with the extension. It’s unusual and will low more ships to dock.

  8. “low” should be “allow,” of course.

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