Minor Museum update

While work and life so rudely intrude on my free time (impacting modeling) – I have done a minor update on the annex. I decided not to build out the big ‘mall like’ areas on the center spindle of the complex. Instead, as I had previously noted, I have applied a texture. Given the scale that renders will be at you won’t really notice the detail anyhow. I have decided on a few minor ‘perspective’ tweaks to the texture for later.

Moving on to finishing the large and small hatches.

The windows –

Star Fleet Museum

Little peoples!

Star Fleet Museum

Lost in the distance


~ by cp40guy on February 9, 2011.

4 Responses to “Minor Museum update”

  1. I love the site, keep up the great work! I have to admit, that I am selfishly awaiting your return to the Honorverse, but for now I am amazed at your CG skills. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing new things from the Star Trek universe.

  2. Thomas!

    I’m wondering if this museum is going to be big enough for all the ships of the museum. I have to admit that I’ve never tried to fit all my ships in. I’m thinking that both the saucers will house ships and that there will be at least 12 ships docked at the wheel. What if there were a second docking wheel (and a third window section) to provide more docking slips?

    • I have been trying to figure out ways to load them in too. I had thought about a ‘side yard’ where you would put some ships. You could easily transport over or shuttle and then walk to the exhibits. An added ring would work but I was sticking with the original design (tunnel vision). I am just finishing up on a few textures and then will do a full render. I can add / insert those changes and post it as well.

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