EAS – Kremlin

Digging through my archive of long lost projects. Like the SFM Swordfish class, here is one of Bernd Schneider’s designs in the EAS shipyards section of his site. Except for some elements that need to be cloned (thruster packs and docking clamp pads) this is done. I never got around (surprise) to applying textures to it.

I am thinking I have a number of these old projects laying around unfinished and maybe I should just release them for folks to play with.

I’m cheap that way.


EAS Kremlin
EAS Kremlin
EAS Kremlin


~ by cp40guy on January 31, 2011.

2 Responses to “EAS – Kremlin”

  1. That’s pretty sweet so far. I’m not sure I liked this design in 2D but it’s a whole different animal in 3D. 😀

    • Thanks. That’s the thing about Bernd’s designs. I have built a few over the years and some are real close to the drawings and some are ‘based’ on. They usually turn out to be fun and they allow for ‘interpretation’. This was used to figure out how, in Wings3D, to do an operation akin to a MAX shape merge. It was to recess the under side of the hull. Was way easier and cleaner in Wings.

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