The Museum

Happy New Year!

Here is the project I have alluded to , know and then, that has been keeping me busy. I was asked by Masao if I would build out his Star Fleet Museum station. I will be sprinkling in my various SFM ships to fill her various docking ports and surrounding space. As always, I was slowed by textures (well, work and home life also – let’s be real). I feel it has picked up some traction as I have gotten a handle on the texture treatment I want it to have (always my struggle).

Here is a quick and simple test render. The small view ports will be more randomized in the final model. The large blue area is a multilevel viewing gallery which I have been building out. I do have a basic texture though that works okay as well.

That’s that Swordfish Class snuggled up on a dock.

Star Fleet Museum

~ by cp40guy on January 2, 2011.

10 Responses to “The Museum”

  1. *gape*

    I can only imagine what that’s going to look like with Earth in the background and a few more Museum ships!

    Just to be nitpicky, though… that Swordfish seems rather big to me. At least compared to Masao’s diagram. šŸ˜‰

  2. I like it. Well done.

  3. That’s really sweet, dude. I didn’t even notice he had designed a museum station. I mostly look at his ship designs when I’m there.

  4. The design is buried on this page: . If there were a nice render, it might be displayed more prominently!

    Nice work so far, Thomas

  5. An unauthorized competing project:

    I’ve nothing to do with this!

    • LOL, yeah I’ve seen that. I thought it was funny that it just showed right after you originally asked me to do the museum. It’s a pretty nice little model but it is his interpretation – I don’t think he knows there is a real design already done by you. I got the impression it was just ‘hey, I know there is a SFM so I’ll model it’. Looks like a cross between a ST-TMP station and various Perry Rhodan designs.

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