What you get when you cross a GREEBLE with a NURNIE. When you search on either term you end up getting very similar results. I have downloaded some freebies in the past and they were okay but generally poor quality and I would need to rebuild them. The better ones would be too obvious (Star Wars, Death Star) and the best would cost money. Or, I would find them in a format I could not convert.

So, for a project I am working on I decided to just make a whole bunch up. I have pockets of time where I can doodle with Wings that I otherwise would not be able to model or render. I have been using that time to hack these things up. I would not say they are high quality but they will do for my purposes. Some are or will be based on stuff I have seen over the years. I would not call them original though some will certainly be. I will base a few off sprue parts right out of tank and airplane model kits (just like the old movie models).

When I get my website refresh done (another project) I’ll give them away.


nurbles 2


~ by cp40guy on December 7, 2010.

One Response to “Nurbles”

  1. Nice work. They’re cool little tidbits that you can stick on a mesh from any genre, including your own made up one. 🙂

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