Moskva rebuild pt7

Okay, back to ‘old school’ textures for me. I have decided that I need to go with what works for me and what works is simply drawing it out. All these fancy blended layers and such just frustrate me. I took the nacelle down and ‘stripped’ off the old texture. I opened Photo Shop and just went at for a nice drawn version of what the nacelle should look like. I was able to get a large enough texture to have detail and then created nice bump and specular maps to go with it.

Trying to come up with a new approach was just sucking up time and providing zero results. So, here it is now:

Click for larger view

Click for larger view

Click for larger view

I have only replaced the main tube element which is all that was done before. I am ready to move on now – whew.


~ by cp40guy on November 3, 2010.

One Response to “Moskva rebuild pt7”

  1. That’s some really nice texturing. I like how you added a bunch of details with those beauties. 🙂

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