Nothing new to report. I am stuck on textures, I really like to think I am better at applying textures than I am. So I am ultimately never happy with how things start looking as I get them applied to anything. Also, my version of MAX does not have the newest UV-Unwrap capabilities that newer tools have (even MAX). I have to be creative.

Of course work is very hectic this time of year (since the web work I do is for a retailer). I am only getting a few hours a week to ‘zone on pixels’ as my wife likes to think of it. And, to make matters worse, my flat screen monitor has developed an attitude. After about 15 minutes I get a very thick (about 200 pixels) blue vertical bar on the screen. It goes away after a while in favor or a ‘comes and goes’ at random routine. It is very annoying. All indications are that it is the monitor. Obviously I would want a new video card if I were to get a new monitor. Not even close to being in the budget.

And it’s Seattle – so it has been raining the last couple of days and will be for the next few.



~ by cp40guy on October 26, 2010.

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