Moskva rebuild pt6

More texture work on the Moskva. Basically, taking my new Aztec pattern and utilizing it for the various areas of the ship. Cropping, stretching and some texture layers to re-purpose the one texture in as many places as I can. On the engineering section you see that I used a second layer and mask to create large panel sections. This will be improved but wanted to ‘block it in’. Upside is I have significantly reduced image weight while still being able to use larger images (2K and up). The memory load on rendering is improved (I only have 3GB to work with).

You can also see the smoothing errors on the saucer, around the port holes, and I will try and fix that. Unfortunately, my version of MAX is very old (see ‘About, what?’ section) and I do not have the cool turbo-smooth feature and cutting tools of the latest iteration. Oh well. It is not like I am trying to get into the SOTL calendar or anything 🙂

Moskva cruiser

More textures

Moskva cruiser

Side view, nacelles partially done

Moskva cruiser

Damn smoothing errors!


~ by cp40guy on October 8, 2010.

One Response to “Moskva rebuild pt6”

  1. You’ve gotta hate those smoothing errors that only show up in certain lighting. 😦

    Nice work on the texturing.

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