Carrara 7 Pro – One More Time!

3Dworld magazine July 2010But this time in 3DWorld magazine. And, it is in the July issue which just recently hit the shelves here in the US. It is the Toy Story 3D issue with the sleeved case. I noticed on the 3DW site that some folks have had install issues and they sound remarkably like those on the Carrara sites forum when it was given out in 3DArtist magazine. It seems some folks don’t read the instructions – it is on the disk.

Check out more on the issue here.

I just saw about 8 copies at the local B&K so you may be in luck this time around for those interested and missed out last time. I installed my copy and have poked around some. Really need to read the manual as it is different than MAX and Blender. Imports files pretty well though so when (if) I get around to really trying it out I’ll have some basic models to try first.


~ by cp40guy on September 24, 2010.

One Response to “Carrara 7 Pro – One More Time!”

  1. I saw this at Barnes & Noble last week but decided not to get it. I have enough free modeling apps that I don’t know how to use. 😉 It’s cool that they occasionally have free apps in those mags, though, instead of the usual CDs with mehses that are usually app specific and you have to already have the app in which they can be used.

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