Moskva rebuild pt2

Okay, more on this project as I continue to let other projects stack up in the ‘paint booth’. I guess I have at least 4 ships set aside now.

Anyway, here is more progress on the Moskva rebuild with detailing on the warp nacelles, deflector, and docking tube port. It only just occurred to me that this is sort of a take off of the Mann cruiser from the original Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology (circa 1980). I have one of those laying around too.


Star Trek Moskva cruiser

Deflector detail

Star Trek Moskva cruiser

Details added

The following image shows the bussard interior which I will be building out.

Star Trek Moskva cruiser

From top

Star Trek Moskva cruiser

From beneath


~ by cp40guy on September 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “Moskva rebuild pt2”

  1. Nice detail work. This ship is coming along nicely. 🙂

  2. Hey, Thomas!

    Masao here. I have something to ask, but I’ve lost your email address and I can’t find it on your blog or site. Please send me an email.

    PS: Moskva looks NOTHING like the Mann class 🙂

  3. Not a fan of the ship myself but the work you’re doing on it looks great.

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