Another rebuild – Moskva

As I ponder the texture treatment for my Honor Harrington cruiser, I have taken to updating an old project. This is another of my long ago Star Fleet Museum ships, the Moskva class. I built the original years ago and thought it could use some updating. I also looked at some issues with the original Masao design that needed addressing. Namely, the deflector dish is completely blocked by the big fat patty saucer. So I have moved the saucer up to clear the deflector. I have modeled in details that the first version had as textures (because that is how I rolled at the time).

Here is the old version:


My old version

The new version, built out in Wings3D and imported to MAX, is a little sloppy at the moment. The import has to have smoothing applied here and there. I just wanted to see how it was coming out.


Front view


Rear view


~ by cp40guy on September 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Another rebuild – Moskva”

  1. From what I can see it looks good so far.

  2. Nice. This is one of Masao’s better designs, though it makes sense to move the saucer so it’s not blocking the deflector. What you’ve got so far looks good. 🙂

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