Carrara 7 Pro – free !?

If you buy issue #17 of 3D Artist that is.

This was the last version of this tool, from DAZ3D, and was recently updated to version 8. For those wanting a nice entry level tool but are put off by cost (meaning – want it for nothing) this may be for you. Well, you have to fork over the $15 bucks for the magazine. It’s very much like TrueSpace in appearance so that may be a positive for some folks but DAZ is still around. As you all may know, Microsoft killed TrueSpace and the last version seems to have put off many users (but it was – is – free). Carrara retails for $549.95 USD. I’ve seen some nice stuff done with this tool. You also get a (limited time) discount offer on upgrading to version 8 if you get this through the magazine.

Take a look at version 8, maybe worth running down to the local B&N to snag a copy.

And, of course, check out 3D Artist online as well for info on past and upcoming 3D coolness.

3D Artist issue 17


~ by cp40guy on August 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Carrara 7 Pro – free !?”

  1. Wow, I might have to get that. I usually flip through that magazine when I’m in Barnes & Noble but they usually don’t have much free stuff that I’m interested in. (the magazine itself doesn’t do much for me, I just check out the included CD ;)) Thanks for the heads-up. 🙂

  2. I was disappointed. Barnes & Noble didn’t have it. They usually have that one and 3D World but all they had this time was 3D World.

    Meanwhile, they had a really thick magazine for beginners on using WordPress. They had huge (had to be at least 600 pages) books on using WordPress. Why? How friggin’ hard is it to make a blog on WordPress? You open an account, choose a theme and make your first post. It’s not rocket science.

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