Honor Harrington cruiser pt4

Had a few free moments last night so I opened up this project again. I added the hyper field generators (alpha and beta nodes) and an attachment ring. I also added a doodad / thing-a-ma-gig to the upper deck. It is some type of generator, who knows really, that seems persistent in the various cover art pieces done for the books.

Still need some addition sensor elements but this is close to complete now. There will be a fair amount of object cloning (or object instances in MAX) to really finish this but that will come after texture application. For non-MAX users (not sure if true) an instance clone / copy inherits all changes done to the parent. A simple clone or copy does not. Will save so much time.


Forward alpha/beta nodes

Hammer assembly

Closer view of nodes


~ by cp40guy on August 4, 2010.

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