Hyperion pic

While still working on a few other projects (all noted in previous posts), I have taken on some rendering of the Hyperion model I recently finished. Here is a basic head on shot around a planet I tossed together. All done by me except the background. The background is a wide view image taken of the Milky Way and is cropped and tweaked a bit in Photoshop. The image came from APOD, credited to Rogelio Bernal Andreo (see it here).

My image may be a little crunched from the word press upload tool – I hope to have hi-res soon on my personal site (another project!).


click me for 1680x1050 image version


~ by cp40guy on August 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “Hyperion pic”

  1. Nice setup. It’s simple but effective. I like the nebula a lot. Did you render it in Max? I’ve seen how Wings renders, so I don’t think you rendered it in Wings. 😉

    • Thanks.

      The nebula is a real astronomical photo. I cropped out the section I wanted and tweaked it (minor) in Photo Shop. The ship was rendered in MAX as four separate passes (ambient, specular, back light and illumination). The planet is also a mesh and was in a single pass by itself.

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