Honor Harrington cruiser pt2

Some small updates as I continue my build out on my Honorverse cruiser. I did some additional modification on the hammer assembly. I added chase mount missiles, grav sensors and port side point defense. No chase GRASER / LASER systems yet. I also added some additional minor details (not really seen here) on deck details and escape pod port covers. I reworked and simplified (poly count) the point defense LASER barrels. The added detail seen is a ‘local control’ sensor. I don’t like it and will probably change it. But I get to look at it and hate it to motivate me to fix it.

Honor Harrington cruiser

New hull details

Honor Harrington cruiser

LASER barrel with funky sensor


~ by cp40guy on July 22, 2010.

One Response to “Honor Harrington cruiser pt2”

  1. That’s pretty cool, dude. It reminds me of a submarine.

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