Honor Harrington cruiser

With the Hyperion ‘done’ I have gone back to my Honor Harrington universe cruiser. Again, this is my take on the designs based on book descriptions and inspiration from various book cover art. Loosely interrupted may be more accurate :D.

I have completely redone my last version, I wanted to clean up a few things I still was not entirely happy with, ended up as a totally new mesh. There are 3 parts from the last version saved. I seem to keep having ‘do overs’ with this project. I’m really satisfied this go around however so this project will most likely get done. I know, it looks like a submarine but they do in the book art as well. I added a conning tower like element that is not a bridge but more like the sail on a sub. It is used for in port viewing of loading (top has missile loading hatches) and has boarding docking ports.

I still have detail elements to add and have spent most of my time getting the smoothing fixed after the import from Wings3D to Max. Also discovered a scaling issue I never knew of before in Max so spent some time playing with that (which will help with textures).

Pics – Conning tower:

Conning tower

Conning tower top view

Conning tower

Front on view

Hammer assembly:


Inside face hammerhead


Head on with thruster ports cut in



Applying smoothing and some details


Putting it together - click for big version


~ by cp40guy on July 19, 2010.

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