Hyperion update p3

Some additional progress. I have moved on with the main hull textures. While it would appear to be pretty straight forward, I have found a way to slow down the whole process. My first texture treatment (seen in a couple pics below) had anomalies and a look that just did not appeal. Essentially the whole thing really is just a specular map. I overly complicated it and did not take certain mesh elements in to account but re-thunk it and fixed it.

I also, not that well seen, built out the visible rooms and shuttle deck control stations. This took more time than is worth given I’ll never really use this (go figure).

Any way:


Cabin area with early spec map


Closer cabin view with old map


Shuttle deck with control stations


Updated map - can move on now


~ by cp40guy on June 24, 2010.

One Response to “Hyperion update p3”

  1. I hate it when I work on a texture (or more than one) and then realize it won’t work and have to start over again. However, it’s definitely important to get those things right so that you can have the ship look the way you want it. đŸ™‚

    She’s looking great, bro. I like the subtle specular mapping you’re using on this one.

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