Hyperion model update (update 6-16-10)

Updated 6/16/2010

Had a chance to get back to the model as I have been busy with other stuff. Playing around with texture treatment some as I have cut main panels I do not need to do my standard big decal treatment. So here are a couple of pics with the only texture treatment added to the nacelle body is a specular map. I have seen this done on one other model and it worked out pretty well. Hopefully the few maps I use will not be heavy which will allow for a decent size. The specular map on this is about 2K but only weighs in at 50kb.

I also tweaked the decal element with a real simple mask and two color base and they weigh in at under 15kb total.

Hype 18

More color - added specular map

Hype 19

Aft perspective with the nav and plasma

Updated 6/10/2010

Minor update, started textures with the nacelle body. I am trying something different in that I will try and stay away from as many maps as I can. I want to see how difficult (or easy) it would be to just use basic materials.


Nacelle texture start

— Previous entry —

No more attempts at cute update titles. Here is the latest on my remake of this project I first did many years ago. From earlier posts you will see that, aside from a needed detail update, I have been cutting in some major panel lines and adding little greebles and such. I have added various RCS packs to the ship (saucer, hull and nacelles) and a few more minor box details. I think a few more items, simple stuff, and I will be done. Then I’ll have to start texture application, which many of you know means this project will likely get boxed away – 😀 !

Latest updates – (as always a click gets you a 1024×768 version)


Bow on with RCS packs


Aft view with RCS details


From below


~ by cp40guy on June 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “Hyperion model update (update 6-16-10)”

  1. I wanna see some modeled signage. 😉

    Seriously, she’s looking great. I just found some images of your old model on Masao’s site and the new one is 100% better. I hope you actually do texture it, it deserves that much after you put so much modeling time into it.

  2. Too lazy to start a new post, eh? 😉

    Nice texture work so far. I always like the way Masao does his signage, it’s different than later Trek signage.

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