Random updates on stuff

All kinds of stuff. While not back in any groove yet I took some time to import some Wings 3D models I have built into MAX. Had to clean them up some (smoothing groups) so the look right in MAX.

Apollo class cruiser (Honor Harrington) updates. Mostly just small do-dads I added on and then rendered to see how it’s coming.

Apollo 26

New details (click for 1280x960 pic)

My unnamed Republic of Haven ship (Honor Harrington) has been brought over to see how it would look. The back ground is the republic’s symbol. Sort of bright 🙂

Haven 01

Click me for 1024 x 768 version

And my Hyperion update (Star Trek – TOS era). Lots of clean up on this one. I had a few mesh errors that I some how missed in Wings (duplicate vertex, too few segments). Still, was able to quickly clean it up.

Hype 01

Front view (click for big)

Hype 02

Aft view (click for big)

Hype 03

Close in on shuttle bay (click)

Hype 04

Looking up (click)

Now, with all these things stacking up I’ll probably get motivated to finish the Aquila!

~ by cp40guy on April 12, 2010.

One Response to “Random updates on stuff”

  1. Cool stuff, dude. It’s nice to see some real renders of these. 😉 I’m loving the Hyperion.

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