Tangent pt 9

Officially moved to the ‘paint both’ on this one. Working up the saucer with a basic texture and some port and registry masks. I have some tweaking to do and see where some minor widget like details would be nice to add. Here is a peek –

Shark 34

Some shine

Shark 34

It has a name

Note – Odd, I published this post hours ago and here it is back in draft mode. I was not able to get into my site awhile back and came to add some more images. Well, I’ll just update this post as many of you never saw it to begin with. Har!

More pics:

Shark 36

Just adding more detail

Shark 37

See - lights

Shark 38

I like the head view


~ by cp40guy on March 18, 2010.

5 Responses to “Tangent pt 9”

  1. That looks great. amazing what some good textures can do for a model. I especially like that last shot. 🙂 It’s

  2. I’m liking this more and more. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  3. Thanks gents! As you can see – no updates of late as I got busy with life (again!). Unfortunately this life thing gives me time to think and I think I hate the textures. Well, hate is strong, maybe not as happy as I should be.

    I am thinking about a redo at the moment.

  4. It´s a long time since my last visit here… It´s good to see a new ship from you.
    She´s a beauty! Looks like something inspired by Atolm´s USS J. L. Picard. 😉 I believe that naceles a little longer could make her more ballanced.

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