Tangent pt 7

Well, this update includes a lot of ‘re-thinks’ to elements I have already done (I know many of you identify with that). As I flesh it out I see opportunities to refine areas. I am pretty sure, however, that I am nearing the finish line on this build. I see mostly small detail items to add but the basic ship is done.

Over the weekend I redid the upper and lower ‘humps’ that contain the main bridge, shuttle and lower science and engineering sections of the ship. I went with a more symmetrical approach as viewed on profile. The impulse engines were redone as well. I originally made them small and then scaled them up. The scale up versions did not fit right so a redo was in order. I also put a few escape pod hatches on to get a sense of where they will be.

Here we are:

Shark 27

New perspective view from front

Shark 28

Top view with refined bridge / shuttle deck

Shark 29

Lower view

Shark 30

Looking forward adjusted impulse section

Shark 31

Profile view - how will it look in a ortho


~ by cp40guy on March 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “Tangent pt 7”

  1. That’s some great stuff, dude. I especially like the first and last images. đŸ™‚

  2. Those first and third views are really cool. Gives it an old UFO look. Well done.

  3. Thanks! I’m pleased in the way this presents itself in various views.

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