Tangent pt. 2

Trying to come up with a warp nacelle for this ship that does not just look like a cylinder. I decided to do a take on the main pylon, I took the source pylon and moved around a number of vertex points and ended up with what you see below. I don’t have all the parts yet – the aft end of the nacelle is not done, the attachment point is not defined and it needs a little something tucked in the curve.

I also have added an integrated deflector at the front. May rethink that – stays there but not so deep set and more along the outer radius. All the colors are just basic placeholders to remind me what they are 🙂

Shark 11


Shark 12

Top with warp engines

Shark 13

Bow on view

Shark 14

From below


~ by cp40guy on February 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Tangent pt. 2”

  1. That’s really looking cool. I like your concepts for the deflector and nacelles.

    • Thanks! It occurred to me, very early this morning, that my mesh is not coming out like the scribble, err… sketch I made of this. The nacelle pylons need to be down not up. It throws it out of balance to me.

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