Another tangent

Why am I finding it so hard to finish the Apollo? It’s not all that difficult. But, as I was going through some old sketches I came across this shark like drawing I did about a year ago (very rough). I saw it and said ‘Hey, Wings 3D!’ so I went for it. Of course it is turning out to be more than I bargained for. Below are various versions (4) of where this is going. Very post DS9/TNG.

Version 1

Shark 01

Shark from front

Shark 02

Shark from side

Shark 03

Shark top view

Version 2

Shark 04

Shark with different main pylon

Shark 05

Shark with bridge base

Version 3

Shark 06

Shark with different bridge base

Version 4

Shark 07

Shark with base swiveled

~ by cp40guy on February 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Another tangent”

  1. That’s really cool, dude. It looks like something from at least the 25th century. Incidentally, if you’re taking votes, I like version 3 the best. 🙂

    • I am partial to version 3 myself. Thanks. I have a larger version of that bridge section that incorporates a shuttle deck – stay tuned.

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