Got gas?

I continue on the Apollo class but realize I will need backgrounds for the recent ships I have done. Need planets and moons to go with ships so I played around in Photo Shop and Max to build out a icy moon around a far off gas giant. After a couple of tries (both relatively quickly so, yes there are ‘errors’) I have a blue and orange version of the same scene.

Blue Giant

Blue giant and ice moon

My favorite –

Orange Giant

Orange giant and ice moon


~ by cp40guy on January 26, 2010.

4 Responses to “Got gas?”

  1. The only thing missing from that 2nd image is the Discovery. 😉

    Seriously, why does the planet not have a dark side? That’s the only issue I see. Both images look great, especially the moon. If you hadn’t told me that the moon was done in Photoshop, I would have guessed that it was a 3D render. 🙂

  2. It does have a dark side. 😀 The basic image was done in MAX with the planet and moons saved out as separate image and mask layers. I then did the post effects in Photo Shop (atmosphere and additional depth effect on the moon’s surface). The textures were also created in Photo Shop. The moon is a slightly altered granite surface image. The gas giant is 3 granite images blurred and stylized to give the effect of gas bands blending.

    You’re right, a Discovery model would look nice in there!


  3. I noticed it kind of has a dark side but not much of one. I’m not saying it should be totally dark like the moon (except for the reflection from the planet, which is nicely done) but it should at least be a little darker, shouldn’t it? It seems almost as light as the light side. Either that or it’s just my bright monitor. 😉

    • The more i think about it the more I agree with you. I think the issue is that the blue version, which shows the entire planet, has a small amount of self illumination which helps define the atmosphere. I used a fall off map set up to take into account shadows. The orange version in the raw render has a more defined shadow but it does not use the fall off map – all the post was done in Photo Shop. But the original render was a 3000 x 1850 pixel render that I re-sized and cropped.

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