Another redo in the works

So, I mentioned a while back that I lost my back up drive that had all my old meshes. Most of them were – well to put it mildly, crap. They all could have used a redoing and I might do that some day (like the Cabbage). I was messing around with the drive the other day (trying to recall my lost skills acquired working for 10 years in the disk drive industry) and was able to restore a few of the meshes I was most interested in. My favorite was a very old Detroit class ship designed by Bernd Schneider over at I rebuilt this once but now see even a few more things I would like to do. Mostly, it could use better textures which will be the most fun for me.

Here is the last version.

forrestal rear

USS Forrestal rear

forrestal top

USS Forrestal top

I am having ‘challenges’ with the Apollo class cruiser (Honorverse project) with importing to MAX. Some serious smoothing issues have cropped up. Most are not too much trouble to fix but some will require I go back into the Wings file and redo some of the model elements. If I were not so cheap (realistic) I would just have the latest MAX version that has most of the tools my FREE Wings program has šŸ˜€


~ by cp40guy on January 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Another redo in the works”

  1. I don’t remember if I mentioned it before but that sucks about your meshes. I can sympathize because that has happened to me before. (though my stuff on the drive was horrible and has since been rebuilt or has gone away to oblivion, where it belongs.)

    You might want to consider starting to back up important files on flash drives. Usually between Office Depot, Staples and Best Buy, there are anywhere from one to three different brands of flash drives for sale on any given week. They’re not very expensive, even more so when they’re on sale. I have 2 4GB flash drives and they’ve protected my important stuff when I bought my refurbished PC and then when the HD crapped out in it. (which was probably why it was a refurb, though it would have been nice if Acer had fixed it)

    The mesh looks good. I don’t always like Bernd’s designs but this one is pretty cool, even though it’s really simple. But simplicity can be good also. You’ve gotta figure that Starfleet doesn’t always build big, complex ships, they need some small, simple ones to fill the mundane assignments. šŸ˜‰

    Sorry to see that you’re having Max issues. As far as upgrading, I don’t blame you for holding on to an older version. Max is an awesome software suite but it’s so friggin’ expensive.

    • Thanks. Yeah, I have a lovely little collection of USB thumb drives laying around. I had a large 2.5 inch Hitachi USB disk drive that I used to back up most of my stuff and it worked for years. Unfortunately it was an engineering test drive (used for MTBF testing) and I have always been living on the edge with it šŸ˜€

      I now use the no moving parts type of storage šŸ˜€

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