Back to the Honorverse

Okay – small update, poor pics, and long(ish) explanation.

First, I have downgraded to an Apollo class light cruiser from the more powerful Saganami (which if you are a HH fan means something). Since the Apollo is a more numerous class it can show up in more pics – if ever I finish that is. What has been bugging me is coming up with the weapon port hatches, which clearly exist as noted in the books, but just look plain when cut into the side of a ship. So I finally, after many versions, decided on a slight ‘blister’ along the hull which incorporates the hatch.

Apollo hull

Weapons bay with open hatch

This allows for a mechanism that opens and closes while allowing for a way to ‘blow’ the hatches if they jam or get damaged (clearly called out in the books that it can be done).

Apollo hatch

Hatch partially open

I decided on a ‘standard’ bay that can house either a missile launcher (extended depth for the linear accelerator missile tube) or energy mount. I image this would simplify construction as well. In this way weapons can be introduced to the ship during final fitting and be easily swapped in space dock if damaged.
Later textures and minor details will show the emergency clear mechanism.

There are two lateral blisters on either side. On the Apollo I have a larger blister above the mid line for the primary ship-to-ship missiles, the GRASER and energy torpedo mounts. A smaller blister below the mid line houses the counter missile mounts and smaller broadside lasers. On a larger ship I would likely have slightly larger but uniform blisters that house a mix of heavy and light weapons.

I am now moving on to my own interpretation of the gravatic sensors and ECM mounts. I know they have an established look (from the book covers) so I’ll try and stay close.

This is being built, primarily, in Wings 3D.


~ by cp40guy on January 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “Back to the Honorverse”

  1. I didn’t know you modeled in Wings (but I certainly recognize the program from the images. ;)) Is that something you’ve been doing long or a new development?

    The hatches look good. I’m not familiar with Honorverse, so I’ll take your word for it on the class thing. 🙂

    • I have used Wings for a couple of years but without much persistence. It really is a trial and error sort of program so it sometimes frustrates me. Oddly, it is a more rapid development tool when compared with my (antiquated) 3D Max modeler.

      Thanks for the feedback!

      • Yeah, I have Wings but I’ve never been able to make much more than a potato with it. 😉 However, I use it quite frequently because I still model in trueSpace 4 and tS4 doesn’t have a mirror modeler tool. tS7 has one but it sucks, so I still use the one in Wings. It’s a really spiffy tool. One of these days, I need to sit down and attempt to actually model something serious in Wings. 🙂

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