New Year and…

Not a darn thing to show for it! I’m sulking as I have gone back to my long and depressing attempt to build out Honorverse ships! My Saganami cruiser is off the project board at the moment as I have scaled down to an Apollo class scale light cruiser. Update / status pics to follow soon (ish) :D!

My challenge is all the stuff that goes on and around the hull. As I start showing updates I’ll share my singular insights (for those who give a crud).

In the meantime – three fun videos!

Halo Reach promo (coming 2010)

Second is another Halo vid and a mini-movie! An upcoming DVD ala the Animatrix with seven animated features is coming soon. Here is a sample episode:

Last but not (to me ) least – Star Blazers! Here is a trailer for the Live Action movie coming this year (alas, only in Japan). The movie site is here.


~ by cp40guy on January 7, 2010.

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