On other fronts

I recently lost my USB drive (dead, not – I can’t find it). I had all my older MAX files on it – so sad. So, I have decided to rebuild some of my favorite ships and, hopefully, improve upon them. The first is Masao’s Cabbage class Romulan cruiser. I built this over the weekend and it was done in Wings 3D. I was looking in the Starfleet Museum site and noticed that the design has either changed slightly from my original or I did not do a good job last time 🙂

Here is the 90% finished model less some minor tweaks. Really ready for ‘paint’.

Cabbage class

Rear perspective view

Cabbage class

Front perspective view


~ by cp40guy on December 1, 2009.

5 Responses to “On other fronts”

  1. Looks good so far. I built this ship a few years ago but lost it when my HD died.

  2. It’s a cool design but it doesn’t really scream “ROMULAN” to me. I guess I’m just stuck in that “canon” mindset where Roumulan ships look like birds. However, your model definitely looks sweet so far.

    @xfozzboute: Too bad you lost that model, bro. I remember that one, it was a sweet mesh.

    • Ah come on, it’s a classic Masao design! I love those ships! You are correct, it is not very Romulan even though most of his other designs display a lineage that would show evolution to the Jefferies classic design.

      • I like some of Masao’s designs but not all of them. I like his Klingon designs better than most of his Romulan ones. Of course, none of it goes very well with Enterprise but most of his work does look more pre-TOS than Enterprise did.

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