Pisces final update

I finished! I put the last ‘coat of paint’ on last night and, aside from some file clean up, am ready to start a few renders of this ship. Below is a quick pass of the finished product with a basic star field.

Thanks all that have commented here, and elsewhere, on this project.

Completed Pisces

Completed Pisces

~ by cp40guy on November 19, 2009.

9 Responses to “Pisces final update”

  1. That looks great. I’m looking forward to seeing it in some scenes. 😀

  2. She´s a beauty! Due to you Thomas, our baby is alive! What can I say other than THANK YOU ? I can give you a few cookies… Just kidding!:D
    Since we concept her as a research (and colonization) ship, why not to make a scene with her facing the domsday machine, or a dammaged borg ship in the past? Hey, do what you think it´s better, for sure it´ll be a great scene! 🙂
    In time: can I own a copy of her? 😀 😀

    • I’m leaning towards releasing meshes. I’m over folks opening the files and going – huh? This guy has poor modeling skills 🙂 The biggest issue is that they will only be available in .3DS or .MAX (version 4.2) format. I have no intention of ever upgrading to a newer MAX version.

  3. That’s a cool looking ship.

  4. I alredy have one of your meshes, a Klingon ship. I don´t have any crits about the mesh, wich is looking superb. 😉 About the max 4.2, no problem. 🙂

    • Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind when I start looking at releasing stuff. I have been building a few things in Wings 3D as well. Though they don’t have textures (until they get Max’ed) I have the advantage of saving them in a few other formats like OBJ and LWO. I have no idea how they import though I have seen one export in Blender that looked correct when I opened it.

  5. Almost forgot… I already have the MacDevitt mesh too. :D:D

  6. This is one cool looking ship

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