More on Pisces

Update 11/04/09
Added a set of side views as I develop the rest of the ship textures. I have completed the brace thing that holds the two saucers and everything else together. I have also ‘played’ with unwrapping the rear hull and slapped on a quick texture to see how it lays out. I’m now working on a final texture for that part as well.

Here are the two views.


Brace texture complete

Rear hull

Rear hull test

End Update 11/04/09

I have finished the saucer textures for the Pisces. I removed some of the port holes from the first pass texture and illumination masks so that additional details can be added, such as lifeboats and phaser arrays. I have noticed, yes took awhile, that this ship has no impulse engines. I have to figure out where they would go and what they would look like. I have some ideas.

Anyway – here is where I’m at now.

Saucers textured

Saucers textured


~ by cp40guy on October 28, 2009.

One Response to “More on Pisces”

  1. That looks great. I like the way you did the name and registry number. 🙂

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