Chasing Icarus

Chasing Icarus

Written by Gavin Mortimer

If you are an aviation and history buff here is a great book. Covers three related aviation events that occurred in 1910, the attempt by the dirigible America to cross the Atlantic, the Gordon Bennett International Balloon Cup and the International Aviation Meet at Belmont Park (New York). Each of these events took place in Early October and literally shaped the future of aviation.

It’s seven years since the Wright brothers have demonstrated powered, heavier than air, flight is possible. Now dozens of men have come to compete for records (and money) for distance, height and speed records. Thousands of people will come to marvel at this new technology, to cheer on their daredevil feats and near death defeats.

The most interesting aspect of the book are the aviators themselves, many of which are basically unknown and unsung today, and their eclectic backgrounds. The three stories interweave fabulously and the end of the book gives you a great perspective on the marvel and terror that this ‘new’ technology would ultimately bring.

Written by Gavin Mortimer


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