2012 – The End (of Emmerich?)

The latest trailer is up for Roland Emmerich’s 2012 at iTunes. After 10,000 BC I would have figured someone in Hollywood would have got a clue not to throw more money at this guy. I mean, Independence Day was fun but benefited from being a modern interpretation of War of the Worlds.

Sadly his movies do make money.

However, on point, it is fun to watch the latest trailer and see the awesome effects of, otherwise, laughable events. In many ways this reminds me of When Worlds Collide with the reference of ‘ships’ though I think they end up being more akin to Noah’s than any space ark (clip shows one in ocean – duh). The best is of the aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy slowly rolling over in a huge (apparent tidal) wave as crashes into the White House – irony no, stupidity yes. The worst is the Vatican dome breaking off, rolling and crushing all in it’s path – God’s fury?

Best guess is it will make a ton of money – Transformers II is!


~ by cp40guy on June 29, 2009.

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