Romulan interceptor

I’m a big fan of Masao Okazaki (Star Fleet Museum) and Chris Reyes (aka ATOLM) and find myself drawn towards wanting to build there designs most. I wanted to build something in Wings3D but have always felt limited in doing so because i am too used to the layout of 3D MAX. I stumbled upon designs ATOLM had created of two Romulan ships that have a clear lineage and that would be easy to do in Wings3D.

I started with the first and is apparently an interceptor.

Atolm’s design

Atolm sketch

Atolm sketch

Here is where I am at now.

Top view

Top view

Bottom view

Bottom View

While this is not much of a ‘progression’ post – it’s mostly done – it is what ‘I’m a workin on’ at the moment.


~ by cp40guy on June 26, 2009.

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