Honorverse Redux – Part 2

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Small retreat on the redesign. Ended up not liking the laser (point defense) guns and went back to a version of my earlier design. On the destroyer I added the sidewall generator and sidewall emitters (not on the hammer sections yet). Cloned the escape hatches and point defense guns. This is 95% done so I have started with the texture base.

Also have a 75% complete basic cruiser class. No side by side for scale image yet. The GRASERs, missile tubes and side sensor platforms for this ship are the same dimensions as well as the ‘sail’ section of the access / docking bridge. You can see it is bigger. :D

Same base texture but detail elements will be different.

Honor Harrington
Honor Harrington
Honor Harrington

Honorverse redux

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First, a brief interlude.
My opportunities with my 3D hobby modelling have been severely impacted with job commitments and work on the house. I have about 2 hours a day available to do anything outside the job and my wife, deservedly, would like those. Weekends are consumed with the house remodel (which has so far resulted in one crushed – seriously – finger). The house will hopefully be ‘done’ sometime in October.


After more than a month of nothing I have eked out some time to relax and CG model. I am back, as titled, to the Honorverse at the moment. I recently read House of Steel: The Honorverse Companion and a large section of the book is sort of a Jane’s Military review of ships in this series of books. From that, and with my own ideas of how to translate the ships from word to visual, I have started redoing my own (unfinished) designs. I am staying away from named classes as that just invites fan wrath. Also, I saw over at SFM a thread (MaxxRush) doing much the same thing under the BuNine banner (Honor fans know what that is). We clearly have differences of opinion on certain design elements which is fine. This is for fun.

Attached image shows how I have changed things a bit and I started at the bottom with a destroyer. I have mocked in every ship type up to super dreadnaughts but here I have started adding detail.

1) Missile hatch no longer recessed but more like contemporary sub hatches. In the books they make reference to being able to easily blow these off if jammed. Recessed hatches are more work (real life) and would be more costly.
2) Point defense lasers on swivels. These are last defense and my original design, on pods, had too restrictive a field of fire.
3) Mainline engine / thruster smaller and attached to hammer. The forward and aft ‘hammers’ would not have been able to accommodate room for weapons and engines. These are only for station keeping and orbital ingress / egress and my original take was not in keeping with the book descriptions.
4) Impeller wedge guide. These (one seen in image) are like rigging to help form and maintain the wedge (which propels the ship).
5) Hatch for escape pods (just the one at this moment) and an example of secondary sensors for missile and energy weapons. The books talk to this capability of independent control if main targeting goes down.
6) Radar (or future analog).
7) GRASER no longer a recessed weapon. More a concession to having some widget look to the ship.

Not here (yet) various sensors for communication, counter missile hatches and POD tractor mounts. Obviously many of these items will be cloned to represent the various instances per ship.


Honor Harrington Ship

Will never be seen – I roughed in the missile tubes, launcher, storage, energy weapons and shuttle bays. Everything fits with room for things like engines, power and life support, escape pods, storage for reactor mass, food stuff and – yes – crew! So the size and layouts I come up with seem to make sense if this were a real ship.

Texture Inspiration – Part 2

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Here is another real world object that is a great visual study for textures. It is the absolutely incredible Lun-class Ekranoplan of the Soviet Navy. It’s NATO name was duck and for those unfamiliar it is a GEV (Ground Effect Vehicle) and not a plane or hovercraft. The Ekranoplan is actually a ship that happens to float above the water :) ! Only 1 was ever built but it was operational for many years. I would have loved to see this thing zooming across the water.

I came across this blog site (referenced on IO9) and was amazed at the enormous amount of hi-resolution photos – see Igor113 site here – of the Ekranoplan. The guys blog (in Russian) has lots of amazing stuff on it if your into planes. There are other entries later in his journal on the interior of this beast as well.

But back to it.

Here are two examples for the site I find as inspiration for texture design.

Ekranoplan Missiles
Ekranoplan Side

Project 4 – pt. 2

•June 11, 2014 • 1 Comment

Not much to report. Couple of pics of the finished Diffuse maps applied to the rocket plane.

Rocket Plane
Rocket Plane

Project 4

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Huh? Number 4? Wa hap’n ta number 3 dude? Well, number 3 is done and sent off to the requester for feedback / approval / suggestions. It is done though.

Number 4 is one of two station projects I have had brewing for a long time. This one is a twofer in that I get a ship and a station. If you are a DS9 fan (I LOOOVE DS9) then this is well known. I am not sure anyone has ever done the model. This model was built a long time ago and has sat. Really all I did today was work on the texture for the rocket plane. I also had to finish (not seen here) the atomic rocket exhaust bell in the rear of the plane.

I attached a pic as glimpsed in the episode for comparison.

I am having to call it for the week. I’ll have little windows of time to tinker but this is the biggest update in a while.

See ya all later!

DS9 1950's

My DS9 CG model - Far Beyond The Stars

Project 2 finished

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So, my Connie refresh is done. I like how it turned out even though I had to stop getting picky at the end. Originally this was just a clean up of bad textures but I ended up rebuilding stuff as well. Just how it is sometimes. That and I am easily distracted. So now on to Project 3 which needed this to be done to complete. Heck, I might even get to project 4 before the weekend is over (ha..ha..hah!)

Here is the 1700 all wrapped up.

Constitution Class  NCC 1700

Project 2 continues

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While it is hard to tell, I had to redo the base textures a few times as i was not happy with certain aspects of how the specular is working. I don’t want this to be exactly TOS but also not to contemporary. Anyway, I am happy with where I am now.

Latest update.

Constitution Class WIP

Project 2

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I did not get as far as hoped on project 2 of my dead project cleanup. I had a stretch goal of 3 things to wrap up and I think I may not make it. Awwwwww.

Anyway, project 2 is my Connie re-texture job. Things were going pretty smooth but a) life popped up for a short while and b) I ended up hating my saucer section. This was built in Wings way back and Wings does not have a lathe option. Well, there is this ‘trick’ to perform a lathe but I never got results that I liked. I ended up rebuilding it but wanted to do it in Wings versus just using MAX. Upside is I got a decent saucer, downside was it probably took to long to figure it out. As I may have to toss MAX soon (likely move to Blender and just for rendering) I wanted to try.

So, here is the NCC 1700 (Constitution) with some initial textures (diffuse only). I also did some weird thing with UV application that I could not figure out and had to remove everything and reapply. But, back on track now.

Just the single picture at this time. I don’t think I have to hide her in backgrounds anymore.

Constitution Class WIP


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